Google speeds up online checkout with Checkout, not GBuy

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Today we will find out that Google’s GBuy was nothing buy hype, they’re launching Google Checkout ( According to CEO Eric Schmidt, the checkout process will be faster than it has ever been before. “The goal here is to make it be one nanosecond from the time the customer decides to buy to the time the transaction is complete and the product is on the way,” Schmidt said. In addition to being a speedy process, Google will also combine the service with AdWords, waiving the transaction fees for merchants that decide to purchase advertisements on the ever-popular service. By combining these two competitive advantages, Google Checkout will have a step up on the competition from the get-go. Companies such as, Starbucks, Timberland, and Levis have decided to join Checkout in its launch today. Expect news from Paypal in coming weeks.

Video courtesy Official Google Blog

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