The entire PSone game catalog on your PSP

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PSPThe worst part of buying a new gaming system is that your old games become obsolete. The best part of a new gaming system is when you can play your old games-especially the really, really old retro games-on your new system. Sony is going to let you play any of 7,000 original PlayStation games onto your PSP by the end of next year via PSone emulation, according to PSP Magazine.

Several games will need minor tweaks, due to the lack of a L2 and R2 buttons as well as the analogue stick on the right hand side. That not being a major issue moves us to how and when you will get these games. The content should be downloadable to your memory stick and will work in conjunction with the PS3 launch in November of this year. So grab your memory sticks and make sure you are in a hotspot because the clock is ticking for Crash Bandicoot to arrive on your PSP.

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