Gadgetell Review: Logitech mm28 Portable Speaker

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Product: Logitech mm28 Portable Speaker
Price: $59.99
Rating: Average – 6.5/10.0
Pros: Portable, small, sleek design, sound can be heard from 360 degrees, good for bringing on trips.
Cons: Bass distorts when volume is high,
Overall: A great choice for its portability and sound balance. Not the highest performing speaker, but what do you expect from such a convenient device?

Logitech mm28 Portable Speaker

Design – 8.5 – The Logitech mm28 Portable Speaker is creatively designed and in a sense, doesn’t even look like a speaker. If you asked someone that didn’t know what it was what it is, they may say, “a container” or “a little tool box.” Once you get it cranking however, it becomes very clear what it is. The flat, 1.24 inch thick speaker doesn’t have any speaker-like qualities that you’re used to. Instead of having a woofer with foam around it, and a little tweeter showing, it’s all under the plastic face. The speaker’s lid conveniently flips back and turns into the stand. This is a space-saver and prevents it from getting damaged when you pack it for a trip. The cord to plug into your music player or computer is sharply hidden on the back of the device in a curved groove. See the picture below.

If you’re looking for a futuristic speaker, you should get your hands on the Logitech mm28. Continue reading our review of the features, and performance.
Logitech mm28 Portable Speaker

Features – 7 – The Logitech speaker can be plugged into any of your existing MP3 players, radios, CD players, or even your computer via its 1/8 inch headphone plug. Built with NXT technology, the speaker is able to maintain such a sleek, snazzy look. The device can be powered by either plugging it into the wall or by using 4, AA batteries. This makes it very useful for that camping trip or backyard BBQ you’re ready to have this summer.

Performance – 5 – The Logitech mm28 is far from the best speaker I’ve heard. When I plugged my iPod into it with fully charged AA batteries and pumped up the volume, the bass distorted a good amount. I don’t recommend this device for entertaining guests in a loud environment, but if you’re indoors and listening to easy-listening music, it will fit the chore quite well.

Editors Note: The categories were weighted in the following manner to reflect the importance of some features over others. Design 30%, Features 30%, and Performance 40%.

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