July is Bluetooth headset month

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BluetoothUsing a Bluetooth wireless headset to talk on the mobile phone hands-free is how the majority of consumers are first introduced to Bluetooth technology. And this will continue to be the case – according to industry analyst firm Strategy Analytics, by 2007 Bluetooth headsets will represent the largest mobile phone accessory market. To help consumers recognize the benefits and attributes of Bluetooth headsets, the Bluetooth SIG has declared July “Bluetooth Headset Month.” The Bluetooth SIG encourages consumers to be on the lookout for the headset icon on mobile phone and headset packaging which ensures compatibility between the two devices. Consumers should also explore other ways to make calls wirelessly, such as connecting a Bluetooth headset to a PC for voice-over-IP calling.

So in case you needed a reason to purchase a Bluetooth headset or even run around outside without a phone and just your headset, don’t hesitate because July is now a true blue holiday.

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