Sony announces New Home Solution, expandable in-home entertainment

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SonyIf you’re planning on building your next house (and have a lot of money), you should check out Sony’s new high-end New Home Solution line of “installation-ready products.” The expandable system fills your house with speakers, home theaters, and 5 input sources (plus 3 additional components). The NHS-3020 system includes a 400 disc DVD changer, a 400 disc CD changer, a combination DVD recorder and VCR, a 5 disc DVD player, and an AM/FM radio tuner. If you have that many movies and CDs, it sounds like you should take up different technologies so you don’t waste away your life savings. If you’re ready to break open your large piggy bank and want to splurge $20,000 to $40,000, check out Sony’s New Home Solution.

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