Chocolate is coming to Verizon Wireless

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lg verizon Chocolate  vx-8500

Because of the lack of consumer self-anticipation for upcoming handsets, Verizon–for the second time–is attempting to build excitement for this upcoming, hot new Chocolate phone.

Verizon Wireless is now featuring the LG “Chocolate” 8500 handset on its homepage, noting that it will be for sale soon (possibly as early as August 16th-the date on the phone’s LCD screen). The slider phone will be exclusive to Verizon Wireless. The handset will most likely sport V CAST as well as user transferable tunes, going with it’s black and red ‘iPod-like’ navigation wheel. The handset also has a 1.3 megapixel camera and a whole host of other features.

Update: Check out the peep show of us unpacking this supper sexy handset.

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    el chokolate mje esta fresa yo kiero uno and besides da i-pod thing or something and for me its better than the z3

  • hate u

    Hate u

  • beniz

    how much this product?

  • maria

    it will be in cyprus? if yes? when??

  • john

    i have the sidekick 3
    and i am only 11 years old and it is awsome

  • Lisandro Reinoso

    necesito una pantalla para un LG CHOCOLATE

  • trasha

    i have this phone and it is agood product

  • tirza mesquita

    gostei mto desse novo tipo de celular !!

  • locos13

    i have one to and it is seet

  • I

    I'm getting one of these

  • agusrin

    hello i have this phone and i don't like it this phone is a shit, fuck, bitch

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  • riddick bo


  • Thomas

    this cellphone is the most famous in Boston . I'm Going to Buy tomorrow . HAHA.

  • Tia

    I have one. It's cool.

  • i-am-hot ;0

    this is hot like me my name is uhm hot person leave me a message on my phone my # is 386-865 love me hate me im lying that's not my number i have a boyfriend

  • jesse

    este telefono nome gusta no tengo bluetooth.lo compre
    por k dike era uno de los mejores k hadia en el mercado es una porqueria.

  • Sofia

    Im gonna Buy one .. is it good or should I change and buy another phone ?

  • Brittnay

    hey i think u should get it. I kno that im looking at one on ebay for $85

  • J Rock

    This phone rocks, I didn't even have to pay for it, my friend it sucks so he just gave it to me, thanks dude you rock

  • J C Fieldes

    this is the best phone ive ever had for the price

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