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iTunesIt seems like nobody has their rumors straight. One minute the 6G video iPod is being released back in May and the next it is going to hold off until December or so. Now Think Secret has learned that CEO Steve Jobs will use his keynote address to announce the debut of movie rentals through the iTunes Music Store, the #1 major barrier before releasing a video iPod–content. It may be that Apple offers movies before a video iPod, for people to watch on their computer and/or a 5G iPod, but this means the next gen version is coming sooner than we think.

Apple is said to have agreements with Walt Disney, Universal Studios, Paramount Pictures, and Warner Bros., and is currently in talks with other major movie studios as well. It’s unknown to what extent content will be available come the August 7 announcement, or whether Apple will announce all of its studio deals at that time. Movies will be rented, not sold at this time, a major disappointment for consumers everywhere (even if the price is so unbelievable). This will lead to wasted rental fees more often than not, as things come up prior to the rental due date. I expect that files will be time-dated and will “lock-up” after a certain time.

Do you think you would rent a movie from iTunes for, lets say, $2.99 for 3 days or 2 views?

[Think Secret]

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  • Dewayne

    what do i do to put movies on my ipod