Bluetooth your iPod and take a trip with the Griffin BlueTrip

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Griffin Bluetrip bluetooth ipodWe sometimes wonder how creative Griffin can get with their iPod accessory names. The BlueTrip is not the best name, as there really is no trip involved (as of yet), but the technology and functionality is stellar.

The BlueTrip comes with a dock and a Bluetooth dongle, reminiscent of the iTrip dongle. You plug the white transmitter into the bottom of your iPod and connect the receiver to your TV or stereo system via RCA cables, an optical cable, or the headphone out (1/8”) jack. Then you go through the simple pairing process, like when pairing a Bluetooth headset Griffin Bluetrip bluetooth ipodto a Bluetooth phone, and wahlah you are beaming CD quality tunes up to 30 feet, through walls, windows and more to your larger than life speaker system. This same transmitter plug also allows you to sync stereo Bluetooth headphone from Motorola, Plantronics, and others for wireless listening.

For $99.99, this may be the best accessory investment you make for your iPod. Keep posted for a full hands-on review of the BlueTrip.

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