The Apple Hi-Fi takes to the Hi-Way

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Griffin Hi-Way Apple Hi-Fi

Have you been lugging around your hideous Apple Hi-Fi from house parties to break-dances, leading to scratches and scuffs all over its white lacquer finish? I believe it is time to invest $49.99 in Griffin’s Hi-Way, a duffel bag-like case designed to house your 1980’s boombox. The ballistic nylon shell protects your Hi-Fi from the elements including beach sand and water thanks to the waterproof zippers. Once you have loaded the Hi-Fi from the top, the top rolls back allowing your iPod to dock and front flap flips open to allow the gorgeous highs and lows to flow through. There are tons of pockets to stash your iPod gear and a little power flap for when you either run out of battery juice or break your shoulder.

Oh and by the way- while we still think you should invest in the bag, you should probably also invest in a lighter set of speakers.

Update: The Hi-Way is now available from Griffin.

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