Nokia N93 can improve your golf swing

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Nokia N93At last the multimedia world has found a way to make the most boring sport just a little more exciting. No, they haven’t added exploding golf balls to the PGA or put live alligators in the water. But with Nokia’s new N93 gold edition, a day shooting 18 holes or putting on the green will keep you from putting yourself out of your own misery or shooting yourself. Since Nokia is the official sponsor of both the 2006 and 2007 European PGA tour those in attendance can check out this new mobile masterpiece. This is multimedia art at its finest. With 3X optical zoom and shooting at 30 frames per second it is like having DVD like quality in your hand , a 3.2 mega-pixel camera, and phone plus Internet communication. Take home your video and with the included Adobe Premiere elements software you can burn your own DVD’s. However, if you’re in the mood to “rough” it, the N93 is equipped with capabilities allowing you to plug into the TV or computer.
Nokia N93 second viewGreat so the phone is hot but how will it help my golf swing?

I’m glad you asked! The N93 golf edition is equipped with Nokias very own golf-tailored viewfinder to capture your perfect swing. If your at the links with your boss but don’t want to tell him he or she stinks, or you’re desperately trying to save your own behind email the video or send a multimedia message to your friend Tiger. After quickly analyzing that swing you’ll be sure to say hello promotion and bye bye birdie…well whatever comes first.

Available online from today in 15 countries across Europe as well as distributors such as golf clubs and regular Nseries retail channels. The Nokia N93 Golf Edition includes a Nokia N93 multimedia computer, the Pro Session Golf by Nokia application, a 1GB miniSD memory card, a golf instruction DVD as well as a Get Started guide.

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  • halaluiya

    luv the fone tell me more on ma email. wenz n93i out in the uk???

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  • Learning Golf

    wow nice phone, wouldn't mind one