No power, no cables, no problem; Wi-Fi goes Green

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Solar power WiFi

We all know about the One Laptop per Child program (OLPC) that is running around the world, and if you have no idea what I’m talking about well…WAKE UP! OLPC is a program in which companies develop laptops for $100 $130. This will allow students around third world countries to enhance their education via emailing pen pals, watching videos or surfing the web. Great right? Well what if these countries lack the necessary power to run the Internet. How much can a child learn from PowerPoint or excel spreadsheets if they can’t attach them to pictures, or their favorite downloaded songs. The point is, in countries where finding a viable source of power is limited it is often difficult to provide these children or families with the full performance they deserve. A cable based Internet maybe prove faulty and well wireless can only go as far the power takes it…at least it used to. Introducing Green WiFi, otherwise known as Solar Powered WiFi. Created by Bruce Balkie and Marc Pomerleau, owners of the non-profit organization Green Wi-Fi, their earth friendly creation is a new cheaper alternative that can accommodate those countries who lack the necessary power to run their computers.

How does it work? Read on…

Each node in the network consists of a battery-powered router and a solar panel to charge the battery. The nodes are mounted on rooftops, and the network’s Wi-Fi signals are transferred over a grid using a wireless network standard known as 802.11b/g.

The idea is great and it can help the more economically struggling parts of the world by providing them with the same benefits we have and might I add, take for granted. The casing for battery and panels are designed to withstand the variety of climate changes it might encounter. The solar panel is strong enough that it could keep the Internet powered for over a month with minimal light. This is surely an incredible product that will positively impact the rest of the world.

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