Gadgetell Live Blog: Apple’s WWDC 2006 keynote address

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WWDC 2006 Apple Mac OS X

WWDC 2006 Apple Mac OS XIt seems like Apple is ready to kick the sh!t out of Microsoft in about 45 min from now. We are set and ready to cover the 2006 Word Wide Developer’s Conference in San Francisco, CA. The man himself, Steve Jobs, will take the stage at 10:00 am PST and continue ripping on Microsoft (check out the pictures to see what we’re talking about). These past two weeks have been filled with rumors, honestly too many for us to even cover. They have included the new iPods, video iPods, metalic iPod nano’s, eliminating the shuffle, iTunes will add movies, the long awaited iPhone, Mac tablets, glossy MacBooks, a replacement for the G5 dubbed the Mac Pro, and the already confirmed Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard. From the banners in the convention center we know Leopard will be the main discussion, but Jobness always has one more thing…

Click on for the live blog of the event as well as pictures from the convention center. As always you can hit Ctrl+R or F5 to reload this page.

WWDC 2006 Apple Mac OS X

WWDC 2006 Apple Mac OS X
Here is the first major assault on Windows Vista.

WWDC 2006 Apple Mac OS X
And here is the second…I must say, very clever.

Apple Store Closed

9:35 PST – The Apple Store is now closed and everyone is walking into the main conference room. We should be rolling in about 30 min.

9:53 PST – Almost everyone is in by now, we have about another 15 min before it begins. Coldplay, The Postal Service, and U2 fill the speakers. I suggest that you Appleheads go get towels now to begin wiping up the drool that will follow.

9:59 PST – We are just about to go, give us a second while we add some more pictures.

Mac OS X Disco Leopard

10:00 AM PST – The crowd is getting louder as well is the music. The show hasn’t started yet but we just received this supposed leak of the Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard disc…we will find out soon if it is real or not.

10:04 AM PST – And here we go, Jobs takes the stage and the crowd goes wild. Steve tells everyone to “take the day off,” — crowd laughs. There are over 4200 registered attendees from 48 countries, largest WWDC ever. There will be tons of Mac demos and tons of people to help you out. 1″4 ratio of Apple engineers to attendees.

10:05 AM PST – Now the issues at hand…the Mac. There have been over 1.3 million Mac shipped (tiny number compared to the number of PCs shipped, but this is a Mac event so I’ll be quiet). 75% have been Intel based Macs. Both the MacBook Pro and MacBook have had great success and as expect the MacBook has lead the lineup.

“Today for the presentation, I’ve asked three colleagues to help me out. Phil Schiller, Bertrand Serlet and Scott Forstall, VP of platform experience.”

Mac Pro

10:09 AM PST – Schiller takes the stage: Mac Pro, same case as the old G5 but with 2 optical drives, Woodcrest processors (based on Core 2 duo processors), up to 3 Ghz, 4 MB shared L2 cache, 64 bit, etc. It is 3x faster than the Xeon processors. 1.6 to 2.1 times faster than the G5 quad. There is room for 4 hard drives (up to 2 TB). 4 PCI express slots, Firewire 800, USb 2.0,graphics slot at the bottom…

Mac Pro specs

There will be one main configuration: Dual 2 2.66 dual core Xeons, 1 GB RAM, 667 MHz FB-DIMM. 250GB HD. Nvidia geforce 7300GT, 256 MB and 16x Superdrive for $2499. The previously fastest model was $800 more and Dell’s closest model cost $1000 more. Starts shipping today. They built this thing from scratch in 210 days, WOW!

10:20 AM PST – Xserve is a 1 rack unit server built by Xtech. The new Xserve will be up to 3 Ghz, built on Xeons – quad performance like the Mac Pro. 5x faster than its predicesor. $3293 for a Dell, $2999 for a Xserve.

Mac OS X versions

10:26 AM PST – Job is back, now lets talk dirty — Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard. 19 million users, 6 major releases with the last one being for Intel processors. Over 3000 applications run on PowerPC and Intel chips. Microsoft has been working on Vista for 5 whole years and each elements is just copying Mac OS.

10:28 AM PST – Bertrand: “Redmond start your photocopiers.” The jokes don’t stop, showing how Vista and Windows is just like OS X. MS has taken the same features and moved them around. Search boxes move from the top right to the bottom left. RSS has been in Safari and now hits IE7. iCal and Calendar all the same.

Time Machine Apple OS X Leopard Backup

Core Animation Apple OS X Leopard

10:33 AM PST – Jobs is back on stage and tells us that some features will stay under wraps for now but here is a preview. “Money isn’t everything with R&D.” Major releases in Leopard:

  1. Support for 64 bit applications – Can run 32 bit applications side-by-side with 64 bit applications
  2. Time Machine – Only 26% of people backup files. Time Machine automatically backs up a music, folders, photos, everything. You change the file and it gets backed up. Of course you can restore it as well. You can backup a hard drive or just a file. If you ever rename the file or overwrite it you can now search via a time-line so you don’t have to loose it forever, hence the name Time Machine. This is great for finder and works with 3rd part apps as well. This looks really easy and a great life jacket for when you kills that important file. “Absolutely the best way to back up everything you have, store everything, and find what you need that you thought you didn’t”
  3. Delivering a complete software package – Lots of new beta software will be finalized and ship with Leopard including Boot Camp (to load Windows on a Mac). Thus far 500,000 downloads. Also Front Row to access all of your media from your couch. There will be next generation versions of Front Row and Photo Booth.
  4. Spaces / Virtual Desktop – It essentially creates a virtual space for clusters of apps to work together like Mail and Safari. You can drag information from one desktop to another.
  5. Spotlight – One of the best features thus far in Tiger, you can search for files instantly. You will now be able to search other machines if you have permission. This includes other home computers as well as work servers.
  6. Core animations – Core animation handles everything in between – color, size, opacity, etc. You can create whatever you want by zoom and flying a camera around. You can move items within their own layers.
  7. Universal Access – “Mac OS X is so great that we want everyone to be able to use it. We’ve made major enhancements to Voice Over, Braille support, closed captioning support, faster, better navigation.” Text to speech sounds very good as well as the computer text. You can speed it up or slow it down.
  8. Mail – New things including stationary (you can use photos to create HTML email), notes (will keep self emails out of your inbox and now in a notes box), to-do lists (set priority, alarms, any incoming message can be a To-do, any application can create these To-do’s…one system wide tracker)
  9. Dashboard – Over 2,500 widgets available today.
    • Developers will get Dashcode — an easy way to help the create the widgets you want and they have an itch to make. It has a CSS visual editor, RSS built in for updating content, Javascript, debugger…
    • Users will now be able to turn any part of a webpage into a widget. With about 4 clicks from within Safari a user can create a Widget of a Dilbert Comic Strip, NYT best seller list, whatever you want.
  10. iChat – Multiple logins, invisibility, animated icons, video recording, and tabbed chats. Photobooth effects in iChat. iChat Theatre, you can show iPhoto slideshows when talking. You can also change your background, like standing in the middle of Times Square or video background like being on a roller-coaster. Steve, “Life at apple is a roller-coaster.”

11:22 AM PST – These are the newest 10 core features of Mac OS X. They are all 64 bit. (iCal was not discussed but we hear it is moving to a multi-user platform like Google Calendar.) “We plan to get done with Leopard and ship it this coming spring. We think we’re going to get it out next spring.”

11:27 AM PST – Thats all, thanks for coming. There is no one more thing. In review we got the Mac Pro, the xServer server, and a preview of the top 10 apps in Leopard, due this spring. We are sure there will be lots more released in the near future.

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