Nokia brings tunes to your phone

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Nokia n91 nseriesIn a move to bring more music options to cellphone users, Nokia purchased Loudeye (which previously bought the British music download service OD2 in 2004). Loudeye current has a licenced catalog of about 1.5 million tracks. Nokia now says that they will soon offer a “comprehensive, mobile music offer.”

All NSeries phones can accept MP3, AAC, and WMA formats for unsecure content. Thus far Nokia has sold over 15 million music enabled phones, a nice size market to offer a service to.

I am not sure how Nokia will go around the fact that many service providers already offer their own music services, seems like they would not appreciate the competition. This is clearly just another example of companies trying to emulate Apple’s full service solution. Sony failed with Connect, Microsoft will attempt with Zune, and now Nokia has plans of its own as well. Let us not forget iPhone rumors as well.

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