Directed Electronics lets you dock your iPod and Sirius player with the same device

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Directed Electronics SoloistSo you never thought that iPod would meet satellite radio did you? Directed Electronics apparently has because they’ve announced their new Soloist universal media dock, which has a dock for your Sirius satellite radio player…and an iPod. The device uses NXT technology (similar to the Logitech mm28 Portable Speaker) which allows it to be one of the flattest speakers you’ve seen to date! So lets say you don’t have an iPod with a 30 pin docking port (all new ones do except for the shuffle). You think this product doesn’t apply to you, but it absolutely does. Directed is event pushing this product out to those that don’t have the world’s most popular media player by including a 1/8 headphone jack. So go ahead and whip out that old Walkman…because event it’s supported. The Soloist will be available (probably in Apple Stores) for $149 this September.

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