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GadgetellIf you already read Gadgetell everyday, why not just subscribe to our RSS feed?

According to Wikipedia, “RSS is a simple XML-based system that allows users to subscribe to their favorite websites.” But really, that’s even making it sound a whole lot more techie than it actually is. RSS is a way to allow you to receive content (news, blogs, audio, video) without actually having to visit each site itself.

If you still have no idea what I’m talking about opt for an email subscription or continue coming back via the traditional way. If you’re ready to add us to your reader, click the “Subscribe” button below for an array of options.

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  • mark

    what is this gadgetell i use google reader for rss news and updates

  • Doug Berger

    Mark – What do you mean by "what is this"? The subscribe link above just takes you to the feed itself. On that page, people can subscribe to the feed via Google Reader, Firefox Live Bookmarks, IE, etc.


    Doug Berger
    Executive Editor | Gadgetell