Amazon Unbox video download store discovered

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Amazon UnboxAccording to Alan Taylor of, Amazon will offer video downloads for TV shows and movies under the name Amazon Unbox. He claims to have found information about Amazon’s new offering. We don’t know if this is an officially-sanctioned “leak” or just incompetence, but Taylor has discovered interesting information. It was originally thought that Amazon was going to call the new service Amazon Digital, but the name Unbox is thought to be the current name. Links to the Amazon pages are included in Taylor’s writeup, but they’ve since gone dead.

Taylor says “according to what I can find, it’ll have purchase and rental capability, as well as support for devices other than your PC (Your TV and Creative Zen Vision at least). TV shows are expected to sell for $1.99 and movies will sell for around $10 and up. Will Amazon succeed in this space or will they Unbox a flop?

Via [TechCrunch]
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