TiVo Series 3 headed for shelves September 17th, for $799

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TiVo Series 3

We all know that TiVo’s inching up on the release date of their upcoming Series 3 box, but still no pricing / date information has been announced. Today, HDBeat got hooked up with details from a Best Buy employee who says that the new TiVo unit just got added to their inventory system. The device is scheduled to be in stock on September 17th, and go for the outrageous price of $799. And if you’re interested (which we’re not), the Best Buy SKU is 7974418, UPC is 400079744186 and Model is TCD648250B. Back in March, we were all hoping it would fall below $750, but will all of the goodies they packed in it, there’s no question why they couldn’t. If you don’t remember from way back when, the Series 3 will sport dual-CableCard support and allow you to add an additional SATA hard drive for any storage concerns you may have.

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