Samsung YP-K5 MP3 Mini Boombox gets unboxed (with video)

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Samsung YP-K5

So we unboxed the chocolate first, and the guys at Gizmodo unboxed the new YP-K5 MP3 Mini Boombox from Samsung first. Up until now we’ve only seen crappy low-res shots of the unit, but thanks to Brian at the Gizzer, we’ve now got some hi-res ones to drool over… and a video too (after the break). Overall it sounds like he’s enjoying the YP-K5 quite a bit. His only major complaint seems to be the bulkiness of the device. And also, the built-in radio uses the headphone cord as an external antenna? Is that really necessary?

The verdict: Awesome mini boom box, innovative design, great alarm clock, but only if you can get over the chubby form factor. Gizmodo Hearts the K5.

The Samsung YP-K5 will be available September 10th, and will run you $210 for the 2 gig and $260 for the 4 gig. Check out the YouTube video (complete with rockin’ music) after the break.

Photo and video courtesy Gizmodo.

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  • meredith

    hey my name is Meredith and im trying to look for a new yp-k5 or the new yp thats smaller than the k5 ive been looking every where and the prices are so high i know that some where there is a good price for it so if any one could help me out plz let me know