Philips announces computer-less Skype phone

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Philips SkypePhilips has been coming out with quite a few Skype phones as of late. Their new VOIP841, which was developed with NETGEAR, seems to be the first that will allow you to make/receive Skype phone calls free of a computer. That’s right, plug the slick new phone directly into your broadband connection and calls can be made through DECT without even turning on your computer.

“We are broadening our reach to mass consumers by offering them the opportunity to communicate via Skype without having to be tied to the computer,” said Stefan Oberg, general manager, desktop and hardware at Skype. “Skype has already introduced Wi-Fi phones and Skype for PocketPC wireless. Now Skype is taking the next step and working together with Philips and NETGEAR, to introduce PC-free cordless phones. The cordless phones for Skype launched today, give Skype users the flexibility to enjoy free Skype to Skype calls and inexpensive calls to ordinary and mobile phones anywhere in the house, at any time without a running computer.”

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