Apple patent calls for cube-shaped computer, maybe a media center?

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Apple CubeIt doesn’t really mean much these days when companies file for patents – they could be for actual future products, concept products, or they could simply be trying to throw off the media. Apple has filed a patent for a cube-shaped computer, which will probably satisfy Steve Jobs’ well known cube-fetish. The patent goes as follows: “A cubical computer housing assembly comprises first and second ends and four sides, which define an interior compartment for housing the various computer components.” Pretty vague, so we’re not sure what their plans are for the product. It does seem very likely that this could fall into a new media category. I see it now – Apple Cube meets Front Row meets movie bought on iTunes Movie Store meets wireless streaming of video to TV meets Apple Plasma TV. Ahh, the master plan is revealing itself.

Via [Unwired View]
Read [USPTO]

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