Football Night in America sports the 103″ Panasonic, College football will offer Pioneer

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nbc logoMark Cuban, the co-founder of HDNet, had declared his love for the largest high-definition TV in the world but he will have to wait. The 103″ plasma 1080p high definition display will debut tonight on NBC. Panasonic will supply two of the 103-inch plasma TVs to NBC Universal, one for each side of the set at the new show Football Night in America which features Bob Costas. Though NBC’s will be the first commercial installation of the Panasonic display, you can go out and buy one for $70,000.

Pioneer has secured a multiplatform sponsorship of the ESPN HD and ESPN2 HD college football telecasts. The agreement provides Pioneer high profile exposure on both ESPN HD and ESPN2 HD, placement throughout the sports channel’s website with exclusive sponsorship of’s College Football Play-by-Play, as well as the new online high-resolution photo gallery, ZOOM. Pioneer also receives positioning in all TV scheduling web pages on the site.

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