Microsoft Zune coming today!

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Microsoft Zune

The Zune’s coming today and Microsoft’s building up the hype. They just launched a new video on this morning with some rockin’ birds and the official specs are out. The first released version will sport a 30GB hard drive, WiFi, built-in FM radio, a 3 inch QVGA screen, and of course music, picture, and video playback. In the music department, they’ve thrown us a curve-ball with support of h.264, MP3, AAC, and WMA. I never would’ve guessed in 1,000 years they’d provide support for Apple’s Quicktime formats.

Another huge feature which we’ve talked about in the past is the ability to have some good old Zune-to-Zune action with a friend (or person within your WiFi vicinity). This functionality will allow you to stream music off of another neighboring Zune up to 3 times before it will be flagged for you to download in the Zune Marketplace. If they’re an unlimited “Zune Pass” subscriber, songs won’t be disabled at all and they will be able to listen at their pleasure.

Pricing and availability will surely be announced later today along with other exciting news. So stay tuned to Gadgetell for all the latest.

Read [Coming Zune] Via [Engadget]

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