Griffin does karaoke with your iPod, good voice not required

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Griffin iKaraokeSing in the shower? Sing in the rain? Sing about any chance you can? Now why not sign with your iPod as opposed to belting out those tunes unguided. The Griffin iKaraoke offers you a compact microphone that plugs into your iPod and at the flick of a switch, existing vocals fade into the background, leaving instruments and backing vocals intact, allowing you to step up and be the next American Idol. iKaraoke sends the music and your voice (good or bad) to your stereo system for the world to enjoy via a FM transmitter or a direct connection. Finally, three levels of reverb try and help you sound your best.

Everyone’s favorite singing machine will be available in the winter of ’06 or an undisclosed price. Now excuse me while I practice the YMCA.

Product Page [Griffin]

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