China sells a DVD before everyone else…legitimately!

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The country infamous for pirating feature films before they even hit theaters is getting Superman Returns on DVD early this year. Warner Bros. Home Entertainment is trying to combat pirating by providing a specially encrypted Mandarin-language DVD to Chinese retail outlets 2 months before other countries. The Chinese single-disc edition will cost 14 yuan (US$1.75) and the two-disc special edition will be available for 22 yuan (US$2.75), about twice the price of a pirated DVD. The US release is scheduled for Nov. 28 and will cost $28.98 and $34.99, respectively. As a comparison, a Big Mac in China costs only 10.5 yuan (US$1.31). Apparently a Big Mac costs nearly the same price as one DVD.

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  • Buzz (in Shanghai)

    Anyone paying ¥11 for a bootleg in China is paying too much.

    In Shenzhen (where most of the bootlegs come from), you can get 'em for ¥4-5. That's about 60¢ US.