Grab attention with iWear for iPod Video

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iWear video screen ipodBeing spotted with an iPod Video is not cool anymore as the famous device from Apple can now be seen everywhere. But iWear from Icuiti will make you, and your iPod Video, the center of attraction, at least among your other gadget-minded friends.

iWear is exclusively designed for use with your Apple iPod Video, offering revolutionary new features and benefits making it a must-have accessory for iPod Video owners! Don’t sneeze at the size of iWear. This baby projects a virtual 44″ screen creating a movie theater experience that fits in the palm of your hand and it weighs a mere 4 ounces.

The exceptionally lightweight and sleek design guarantees maximum comfort. When connected to iPod, your iPod’s battery life will remain the same as if you were using the iPod screen. With iWear, you no longer have to worry about someone looking over your shoulder. But what are you watching anyway, that people can’t see?

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