Windows Vista security, tight like a tiger

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Windows Vista Defender in action

Microsoft’s Windows Vista security looks tighter than ever. It contains a number of new security features that, taken together, are designed to make Windows Vista-based PCs more secure and your online experiences safer. The improvements are designed to help you have:

  • Protection from viruses, worms, spyware, and other potentially unwanted software.
  • Stronger Parental locking system.
  • An understanding of when your PC is unsafe, and the control and guidance to help improve your security. Means windows automatically detect and upgrade to fight security holes. An early warning will be also given to use on upcoming instability.

User account control

It remain almost same as Windows XP SP2 but additionally Vista giving you the ability to decide if certain potentially dangerous software is allowed to make changes to your computer. It works with Windows Defender and Internet Explorer to help reduce the impact of viruses, spyware, and other threats. With User Account Control and the new Parental Controls in Windows Vista, you can easily create a separate account for each member of the family and control which websites, programs, and games each person can use and install. This helps protect your family and keeps your computer running smoothly. In Vista’s RC1 test I found that if the parental lock is on, certain games will install but won’t run, the screens remain blank. For web address containing adult media, it doesn’t even allow access, straight locked out. This seems to be a very good parental lock system — good for family used PC’s.

Malware protection

Microsoft introduces layer security features to fight Malware, viruses, Trojan, spyware etc. Windows Vista contains many security features that help prevent malware from installing, and that help find and remove malware if it has already been installed.

Security alerts enable you to quickly resolve potentially damaging issues that can harm your Windows Vista PC. Three rough and tough tools come into light for protection:

  • Windows Vista firewall. As I have seen it in action in Vista RC1 testing its looks stronger and not annoying.
  • Windows Defender, you will love this one. Superior Spyware protection plus not even a single file will be copied or install in your pc without your concern. It checks the digital signature of the file.
  • Malicious Software Removal Tool (MSRT), delivered through Automatic Updates, periodically scans your PC looking for known prevalent viruses. Till 3rd October,2006 in my Vista RC1 testing its holding some more virus than popular virus software.

A few other important issue

Though in Microsoft’s web site they declared that you may use other security and virus software who are Microsoft’s partners, like-MacAfee and Norton, anti-virus companies have raised issues about Vista’s core accessibility. Vista does not give core access to any software, even its partner programs like Norton’s software. So it will be most likely that you can’t use any other antivirus programs with Vista upon launch (but I doubt that will last for long). Since Microsoft is introducing those security features for the first time, it will be very reasonable to doubt their ability to fight malware/viruses. Though this step of Microsoft is criticized as abomination attempt, the EU has yet to decide if Vista will be available for EU users on January, 2007 for this issue.

I have just got word on VISTA RC2 is available for testing. I am hoping some additional interesting features will pop up.

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