Not so cool gadget with Thermic Sole

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Thermic SoleGadget manufacturers normally put up a lot of effort into R & D to come up with the coolest gadget, but this is one gadget I dare not say cool….in fact Thermic Sole is one hot gadget. It even comes with a remote temperature control unit so you don’t have to keep opening your shoes to adjust temperature setting…isn’t it cool? Oops..I mean hot.

A wafer-thin, flexible, insole-heating element slips into each boot, connected with a flat wire to a removable battery pack outside your boots. Just a single touch of the ‘+’ button on the remote starts the heat. Instantly, a flood of soothing warmth surges to your feet. So you can toast your toes, or choose sustained moderate heat depending on the wind chill that day.

You wouldn’t want to leave home without it this winter, especially that ski-trip you have been looking forward to spend with your family and friends, unless you can’t afford the trip after you drop $350 for a pair of these.

Read [Herrington] Via [Coolest-Gadgets]

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