Record video with mDVR and watch it over your mobile phone

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mDVRTraditionally, you would record short movies using your mobile phone camera, transfer it to your desktop or laptop and watch it from the PC.

Mobile Digital Video Recorder (mDVR) however lets you watch video on your mobile phone. It sits on top of your TV and records television programs, videos or DVD’s directly to a memory card. It saves the recordings in the 3gp video file standard for mobile phones. You can then insert the memory card into your mobile phone and play back your favorite clips while waiting for the bus or the meal to arrive when dining.

mDVR also allows you to play your downloaded mobile content from your mobile to TV. Built in preset timer allows you to record your favorite shows in your absence. mDVR supports SD/MMC, RS-MMC, SD, Mini SD and MicroSD with memory up to 2GB.

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