The most mega tweaked-out mouse, ever

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The good ol’ point-and-click interface device just got a lot more complicated. Specialty game controller makers, Fanatec, are releasing the heäd$h0t Controller in stores in the next few weeks. Essentially a specialty mouse, the heäd$h0t features special mouse cord management, an adjustable width high-DPI sensor, programmable macros, USB hub and joystick emulation. It’s based on an Agilent 6010 chip and laser sensor also found in the Razer Copperhead and Logitech G5. The heäd$h0t includes with the mouse, mouse pad/USB hub and a power brick. The device will retail for $99.99. Unfortunately, it’s not wireless, so you’ll need to plug in to your computer and use the specialty base. Super pimped, yet not quite pimped enough.

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