Philips’ innovative products, offering sense and simplicity to our hectic lives

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Philips amBX gaming

Philips recently previewed some of its new potential products nearing market readiness that demonstrate its “sense and simplicity” brand positioning at the Philips Simplicity Event in London. After checking out these product you almost forget about Sony, Panasonic, and the other old “old fashion” electronic companies.

New products which were previewed included:

  • amBX immersive gaming experience (seen above) – making it easy for gamers to bring their gaming environment into the real world. Some amBX products may appear in selected United States stores as a sneak preview before Christmas 2006.
  • LivingColors – an innovative new form of lighting for the home that uses LED lighting to allow you to select from an infinite range of colors. Now you can create whatever atmosphere you like in your room. The estimated launch date for LivingColors is early 2007 in select markets.
  • Wake-up Light – a new, medically proven wake-up lamp, which emits light that gradually increases to the intensity you have selected, simulating the rising sun in your bedroom thus gently preparing your body to wake up. The Wake-up Light will be available exclusively in France in October 2006 with a roll-out in 2007.
  • uWand – a Philips vision of a revolutionary way of accessing and managing content, enabling the user to interact with their digital environment in a natural and self-expressive way. A simple stroke of the uWand allows users to intuitively point at a device and to scroll, select, play and move elements.
  • Ambilight Full Surround – a ‘surround-sight’ effect – with light emitting from the left, right, top and bottom of the screen – allows consumers to enjoy a visual extension from all sides of the screen while creating a more relaxed entertainment experience by reducing eyestrain. The Philips Ambilight Full Surround (four-sided model) and Ambilight Surround (three-sided model) were launched in January 2006 and is currently being rolled out across markets globally.

“These products are a clear demonstration that we are delivering on our vision of using simplicity to design and produce products that better fit with people’s lives and provide meaningful benefits from technology. Across our product portfolio we are integrating design and innovation which are contributing to improvements in healthcare and lifestyle.” – Andrea Ragnetti, Philips Chief Marketing Officer and Chief Executive Officer of Philips Domestic Appliances and Personal Care

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