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Asus video cardAsus has brought in two new gaming PCI Express graphics cards for our PC gamers: An nVidia-powered Asus EN7950GT and an ATI-equipped EAX1950XTX. Both cards feature Asus-specific innovations such as the Splendid video enhancement technology, which boosts contrast and colors during the video or DVD playback to closely match the picture quality of a high-end TV on your PC monitor.

Moving on to specifics, the EN7950GT uses an nVidia GeForce 7950GT graphics processing unit (GPU) running at a clock speed of 550MHz and uses high-speed 512MB DDR3 memory running at 700MHZz. The 7950GT GPU is up there with the best graphics card in the market, boasting 8 vertex shaders, 24 pixel shaders and a texture and pixel fill-rate that’s sufficient to play the latest DirectX 9-standard games in high detail settings.

But if you need even more power, you might want to opt for the Asus EAX1950XTX. It uses an ATI Radeon X1950XTX GPU clocked at 650MHz and has 512MB of DDR4 memory running at an amazing 1GHz (the first for a graphics card).

Plus, it has 48 pixel shaders, 8 vertex shaders and a whole host of other goodies, including 64-bit high dynamic range rendering that supports both blending and anti-aliasing.

The EAX1950XTX looks meaner too – it has a huge, enclosed copper heat sink with active cooling, to maximize heat dissipation whilst keeping noise at a bare minimum. The Asus EN7950GT costs $312 while the EAX1950XTX costs $545.

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