Monster Cable’s universal remote

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Monster Remote controller 100Monster is well known for high quality sound and high price cables, but recently they have entered a few more lines of business. The Monster Home Theater Controller 100 remote has a rechargeable battery, a charging cradle, a 3.2″ color LCD screen, 8 program/function buttons, and the ability to command up to 15 different devices (and thousands of models) including: televisions, projectors, DVRs, PVRs, laserdisc players, satellites, cable boxes, amplifiers, receivers, VCRs, DVD players, and even stereo systems.

There are also dedicated buttons for surround sound and picture aspect ration. You can connect your Monster Home Theater Remote 100 to your computer via a USB cable, and program all the functionality through an application that steps you through with questions to get the right settings for all of your components make this Monster a no-hassle setup.

The Monster Home Theater Remote 100 communicates using IR and RF signals, and is going for just under $300.

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