LEGO my programmable Mindstorm-o

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LEGOS, makers of the little bricks that have been damaging parents feet for decades, have come out with something else for parents to fear: programmable robots. The Mindstorm Kit, $249.99, centers around the NXT, a programmable brick with a 32-bit processor, four input sensors – light, sound, touch and ultrasonic – and three mini servo motors. The kit, which requires 6 AAA batteries, comes with the NXT brick, 519 LEGO Technic elements, seven 6-wire cords, a display screen and speaker.

It can be used with either a Mac or PC via USB or Bluetooth – control it with your friggin’ phone! – with software downloaded from the site. Some of the suggested uses are as a ball tosser, alarm clock and home security guard. Now maybe kids can learn how to program robots that won’t try to take over the world – damn Cylons.

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