See what all that beeping is about when backing up

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backup_camera_vrbcs300w_06.jpgAutomotive and home electronics company, Roadmaster USA, has released the VR3 Wireless Backup Camera (VRBCS300W). The kit offers an unobstructed rear view through a combination of wireless camera mounted to the top of the license plate and 2.5 in. color LCD screen you can mount to the dash or visor (keep it legal). Currently available for $139-199, the camera and screen are powered with 12 volt DC with the monitor using either the cigarette lighter or hard wiring and the camera hooked up to the car’s reverse light cable. The camera’s 110 degrees of viewing angle might improve your vision but it won’t make your mother-in-law a better driver.

This is just in time for the recent national press coverage of auto rear view cameras and the safety they provide.

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