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handspring pocket expressThe new Pocket Express smartphone edition offers free access to news, sports, and weather. For a small fee you can get movie showtimes, 411 directory search, street level maps and turn-by-turn driving directions. Here’s What, Why, How, and most importantly How Much:

What? – PocketExpress is one the fastest growing infotainment services for mobile devices.

Why? – Sports, news, weather, stocks, movie listings, 411 information, maps to name just a few – all get pushed to the mobile device. No browsing, no calling, no hassle, no brainer!

How do I buy? Handmark (supplier of Pocket Express), has invented a fun and hassle free way to give and receive Pocket Express. They have turned the mobile device into a Holiday stocking! You can buy Pocket Express for friends, family, loved ones, business colleagues by simply going to – entering the mobile device information and hey, presto! Come Christmas Day or Chanukah or Kwanzaa (or any day of choosing) Pocket Express gets delivered straight to the mobile device with a cute SMS message of your choice.

How Much? An annual subscription to award-winning Handmark Pocket Express is just $69.99.

Check it out [Pocket Express]

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