Gadgetell v2 giveaway: Altec Lansing iM7 iPod speaker dock

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Altec Lansing iM7

The Gadgetell redesign is live and causing quite a buzz here at headquarters. On top of that we just celebrated our first birthday…on October 9th – yes we still will accept presents – so we have a lot to be happy about. Most importantly we are thankful that you, our loyal readers, keep coming back day after day, searching for something to scratch that tech itch. While we will celebrate a bit here, this giveaway is our way to celebrate with you.

So without further ado the Altec Lansing iM7 is up first. This is a sweet iPod dock (one of many in this giveaway) goes for $249.99 on the non-Gadgetell market, but just a comment is required here (no we will not pay your ISP charge). Check out the product page.

To enter: The contest is now closed. Enter product giveaway #2.

The rules:

  • You may only enter this contest one time
  • You can only win once during the extent of the “v2 giveaway” contests, but can enter each one
  • The winner will be sent a notice via email and has 72 hours to reply with their mailing address to claim their prize — make sure you use a valid email address
  • You will be shipped your prize as soon as we get it into the mail, but don’t worry it’s coming
  • Good luck!

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  • fuzzmanmatt

    Happy Birthday Gadgetell! Congratulations on making it a full year in this extremely picky internet thingy.

  • Adam

    Happy birthday dorks and congrats and a successful first year. Good stuff . . .

  • Lindsay

    I can't believe its been a year since this wonderful relationship has started. Happy Birthday Gadgetell! I am proud to be able to say I've been here (well not an avid reader, but definitely a supporter) since the beginning!

    Happy 1st Birthday!

  • G’Money

    Happy Birthday Gadgetell! Glad to see the wonderful development of the site over the last year! I look forward to continued future success!

  • Anthony

    Happy Birthday!

  • Chris

    Happy birthday Gadgetell!

  • khairul

    Kudos Gadgetell…you spanking new Gadgetell v2.0 rocks!!!Happy Birthday!

  • Finite

    Wow, nice work on v2.0; It's nice to change things up every now and then and I love the look. Anyway, Happy 1st Birthday and here's to future sucess!

  • atgx

    Happy Birthday Gadgetell! Your webiste rocks!

  • Jenn

    Happy birthday, Gadgetell!

  • Cheryl Free

    Happy Birthday!

  • Brad

    Happy Birthday to you,Happy Birthday to you,Happy Birthday….etc,etc,etc

  • Bock

    To think that a year ago u had to bed ur friends to come to this site – I agree with Jacobs – ur definitely dorks but congrats on a great first year – the new design looks amazing!

  • Direcow

    A very happy birthday! *sings*

  • Ryan

    Happy Birthday Gadgetell.

  • Jonathan

    w00t, w00t!! Happy birthday Gadgetell!!

  • dennis masselink

    happy happy joy joy!
    Have a great birthday! 😀

  • elissa

    happy birthday gadgetell oh man

  • Peterh2o

    Happy friggin Birfday gadgetell!!!

  • Jeff Ancel

    Great site guys. I enjoy watching you grow every day, and it is awesome to see the hearts that you guys put into your reviews of popular gadgets. Keep up the awesome work.

  • Dinty

    Man, it is a happy happy birthday indeed.

  • Joe

    Happy Birthday! (A bit late yes, but for some reason I have never been to this site before! Shame on me!)

    So glad to have found you, I have already added you to my daily list of sites to visit!

    Good luck with another year!


  • Rick Kaufmann

    Happy Birthday!

  • Joe

    An original thought…Happy Birthday!

  • Travis Hudson

    Happy Birthday, yo.

  • roy

    Happy Birthday Gadgetell, the go to place for gadget info

  • Paul

    Happy Birthday! Site looks nice.

  • Chris C Westphal

    Happy B-Day!

  • Jason J. Thomas

    I was sent here by my overlords at Crunchgear. I can't believe I missed this place.

    Happy Birthday, Gadgetell!

  • spiffytech

    Happy birthday!

  • Elodie

    Happy birthday to youuuu 😀 I too came from crunch gear and this looks like a site that will be eating my time, too! xD

  • JT

    ok. happy birthday.

  • Ken

    Crunch Gear led me on too, and for that, Happy B-day as for many to come. Eat some cake …

  • Mer

    Happy 1st birthday!! The website looks great, still don't understand much of it though. (and happy almost bday to one of the founders!)

  • Marc Rothman

    I've been following gadgetell from the time it was born until today. keep up the effin' good work!

  • Bryce

    The site looks great! Happy Birthday!

  • Josh

    Happy Birthday!!!

  • Angela

    Happy Birthday Gadgetell

    Have a good one!

  • Chika


    You're a big boy now!


  • Diana

    Happy Birthday Gadgetell and Berger boys!

  • McG

    Happy B Day. Keep on Trucking.

  • Anh Truong

    Happy Birthday!
    because of you guys, techfreep, and slashgear i feel more educated in the news that counts =p

  • Jenna

    Happy Birthday gadgetell!

  • Matt Le Poire

    Happy Birthday!

    Great colors!

  • Jeremy

    Congrats on a successful 1st year. KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK! You are my source for electronics and purchasing ideas. keep the news flowing.

  • Chriz

    Happy Birthday gadgetell!
    Truly Love da site, very informative!

  • Adam Weintrop

    Props to Gadgetell….

    Happy Birthday!

  • mbrownie

    Happy Birthday

  • Matt Jones

    Happy B-Day!… Love reading what's new.

  • EJ

    Happy birthday.

  • Dave

    Happy Birthday Gadgetell!

  • Kevin

    Happy B-day!

  • Kimberly

    Followed the link from Slashgear… Happy Birthday!

  • Bob

    Got here whilst stalking Kimberly (see previous comment)(mmmmm, kimberly!)
    Oh yeah… and Happy Birthday!!!

  • Dave

    Happy Birthday, you…you…you blog you!

  • Dinesh Cyanam

    Happy Birthday Gadgetell !!!

    Hope We Will Have Many More Successful Years…..

  • Jerry R.

    Wow! About time. Nice redesign. Keep it coming…by the way, when can I expect the 6G iPod?

    Nice Altec Lansing speaker dock.

  • Dustin DeKoekkoek

    Happy Birthday!

  • Louis


    Or something to that effect. 😉

  • Michael

    Hey guys, Happy Birthday. One year gone, wow. Well I'm looking forward to many more. Keep doing what you guys are doing :-)

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    Happy Birthday..

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    New 2.0 is great but it shifts horizontally each time any page loads. Very annoying.

  • Jerry Bingham

    & Oh by the way, you will definitely get nice birthday presents – sheesh! H.B.

  • Benjamin

    Yo Bergers,
    This thing looks great. Keep "gadging" it and they will come. I feel like a proud father right now.

  • Sheryl

    Happy Belated Birthday Gadgetell!!! I'm sorry I forgot, I feel like a horrible friend, I'm usually good with birthdays! The redesign looks great and I have to say I do always turn to you for my gadget advice.

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