Ojo video phones, connecting people like 1992

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Ojo video phoneYou ask what the difference between the Ojo video phone of now and the AT&T VideoPhone 2500 from 1992 is? Well where can I start… Should we discuss the price difference of the $1,000+ AT&T retro model and the entry level Ojo PVP 900 for $299? What about the jagged 10 frames per second verses video quality 30 fps? How about we just rundown the features…

The Ojo Global Video Service (the only one of it’s kind in the world)is delivered through cable, DSL, VoIP and satellite service providers as well as through retail stores. The Ojo video phone uses the industry standard video protocols for voice and video compression (H.264) to achieve quality at data rates of 100 Kbps. Ojo customers connect their Ojo personal video-phone to their broadband networks to experience true-to-life video communications.

The Ojo video phones come in two product lines. The Ojo (PVP 1000), which has a bit more bells and whistles, for $399, and the Ojo “Shadow” (PVP 900), for $299. The price point for the video service is very low, $14.95 per month- unlimited calls throughout the world.

Will video phones take off? All I cna say is, we will see (no pun intended).

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  • John

    Those phones are sick.

  • Jack

    I bought four of the PVP1000's for myself and family. They are FANTISTIC! Just like being across the table from someone. I'm SEEING my grandson grow up. And they are cost effective. A have a daughter in Texas and another in California. I SEE them regularly without having to fly there. Wouldn't be without one now. Tried a webcam, but once I saw the quality, I scrapped it for the Ojo. The Ojo quality is outstanding throughout and improvements are automatically downloaded by the company as they become available.

  • Bill

    The Ojo comes in two models. Original Ojo is silver color, has a detachable cordless phone 'for privacy' but the voice on the speakerphone is fine and makes the picture more realistic as the voice seems to come directly from the caller. Original Ojo also has a phone jack for regular calls.

    The Shadow Ojo has a black satin finish, is dedicated to video, has no cordless and no phone jack. The audio and video are of same quality as original. Both phones capable of receiving downloads automatically and free from the mfg.

    Both received up to twenty minutes of video messaging. Caller invited to leave video message.

    Both enable you to "visit" with friends or family or business associate over broadband for just $14.95 with no per minute charge, just flat monthly rate. You can even save one month fee by paying annually $164.

    Cost of both phones coming down as holiday approaches. may still offer deal if you own one phone to let friends or family save $50 on their purchase and you then save on service fee three month for each up to four.


  • Wm

    Discount on monthly service fee reduced from $14.95 to $9.95 good if Ojo registered until June 30, 2007 then still effective for remainder of 2007.

    Ojo created by WorldGate Communications traded as WGAT on Nasdaq

    More info at or

  • diseño bilbao

    un saludo desdes españa es un place desde ojo global