Ten frightning, freaky gadgets

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bloody heart

Here’s a little scare before you go to sleep (we’re 24 hours late, but cut us a break we were busy last night):

Apparently top ten lists are like zombies – they won’t stay dead and can periodically offer a decent scare or two (or ten). Fortunate for us, people are paid to make cool lists like PC Magazine’s “Top 10 Scariest Gadgets” article. Suggesting you buy these for next year (since Halloween 2006 is obviously over), here’s a quickie rundown of the list:

  1. Vibrating severed head with a mace in it ($49.99)
  2. Grabbing hands candy bowl ($24.99)
  3. Beating, bloody heart packaged like a supermarket steak (image above, $19.99)
  4. Humping Chihuahua ($14.99)
  5. Nibbling rat ($14.99)
  6. Creepy scene projector ($24.99)
  7. Shaking coffin ($21.99)
  8. Talking, tongue waggin’ pirate picture ($24.99)
  9. Fog machine with lights ($29.95)
  10. Lightning effects machine ($39.98)

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