Microsoft updates Xbox 360’s system

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xbox360.jpgThe Xbox 360’s system and dashboard has been updated to allow 1080p resolution for compatible games and movies, along with more than 80 other enhancements. The update will be performed through both the Silver and Gold versions of Xbox Live and does not require a hard drive.

Other updates and improvements include:

  • More view playback options
  • Autodownload of new Arcade trial games
  • More game sorting options
  • Expanded leaderboard and achievement details
  • New “Tell a Friend” feature
  • Ability to stream WMV files from a network PC
  • Play videos from data CDs, DVDs, flashdrives and Xbox memory cards
  • 50hz TV display support

Let’s hoping they don’t ever require Service Pack 2 for the Xbox 360.

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  • Xbox 360 baseball

    i loved xbox 360 console since the first time it was launched and loving it more with the new features!