Hela glider mouse, trying to keep it ergonomic

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Hela glider mouseIt seems that everyone has a better design for your hand and pointer control than the mouse as we know it. What I don’t understand is why none of these ever catch on. Next up is U.K. company Hela. Hela claim’s that new Glider Mouse is a “revolutionary ergonomic mouse” that offers superb ergonomic features, is easy to use and like all good companies say, it looks great on your desktop!

The central mouse position gives you an optimal working posture and eliminated the painful motion of repeatedly having to reach out for the mouse next to the keyboard. The Glider Mouse is very easy to use and ideal for both right and left handed users. The “glider” moves across the pad with 12 customized switches to suit individual needs. The Glider Mouse is designed for use with both standard and small size keyboards and laptops.

The Glider Mouse’s £149 price tag seems steep for a mouse, but maybe that is why none of these ergonomic options ever take off.

Read [Hela] Via [OhGizmo! – who also just redesigned]

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