Build your own iPod solar charger

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DIY Solar Panel

Apple’s iPod is a great music player…with not so great battery life. This makes me wonder when Apple will finally come out with a better battery life’d version of the seemingly popular gadget. If Apple’s not going to come out with one, the least we can do is work with what we’re given. If you can believe it, there are actually solar chargers for iPods already available on the market. But if you rather build one for yourself, now you can…if you have the guts. You should because you don’t have to be an Electrical Engineer to be your own gadget creator.

The step-by-step instructions how to build the portable solar charger is now available at Yosemite. Apparently, constructing such a nice little gadget is actually easier than you think. You may have to do a little shopping first but I’d say its worth the effort just by thinking of the end results.

Read [Yosemite] Via [Gizmodo]

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