Sega games for Wii’s Virtual Console

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sega_logo.jpgSega has announced their initial list of games to be ready-to-play on Nintendo Wii’s Shop Channel for downloading to play on Wii’s Virtual Console. The games must be purchased with Wii Points, which cost $20 per 2000 points. The Sega games will start at 800 Wii Points each.

As we reported earlier, Nintendo promises 62 games to be available for download within the Wii’s first five weeks on shelves, with 32 available by the end of 2006. Thirty of the games will be classics whereas 32 will be Wii exclusives. The Virtual Console will also allow access to Nintendo games from older system including the NES, Super NES, Nintendo 64, Sega Genesis and TurboGrafx16.

Check out Sega’s complete list after the jump…

  • Altered Beast – Use the power of the beasts to save the Goddess of Athena. (1989/© SEGA)
  • Golden Axe – Choose from three warriors; Ax, Tyris and Gilius and fight together to defeat Death Adder. The game supports not only co-op mode but also competitive mode. (1988/© SEGA)
  • Columns – Line the jewel in vertical, horizontal and diagonal to erase them in the big hit puzzle game that enchants users with its beautiful graphic and sound. (1990/© SEGA)
  • Ecco the Dolphin – Help Ecco the dolphin find his missing friends by exploring his vast ocean world. Use Ecco’s unique sonar ability to talk to other sea creatures while exploring the ocean depths. (1993/© SEGA)
  • Gunstar Heroes – This big hit action shooter game developed by Treasure enables up to two players to play simultaneously to stop the resurrection of the destructive force plotted by the Imperial. (1993/© SEGA)
  • Space Harrier II – Space Harrier II is a 3D shooter and was one of the original launch titles for the SEGA Genesis. (1988/© SEGA)
  • Toe Jam and Earl – Embark on an unexpected journey throughout earth with two funky aliens who love the music and collecting items. (1992/© ToeJam&Earl Productions, Inc. © SEGA)
  • Ristar – An action game starring Ristar, the child of a shooting star. Use his powers to grab everything around him to blow up monsters and find the truth about his origin. (1995/© SEGA)
  • Dr. Robotnik’s Mean Bean Machine – Dr. Robotnik is stamping out music and fun in Mobius with his giant, robotizing Mean Bean Steaming Machine. Before he turns all the citizens of Beanville into robots, you must save the day by gathering up beans in matching colors and defeating Robotnik’s guards! (1993/© SEGA)

From Sega Press Release.

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