Best Buy’s Black Friday ad leaked

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Best BuyWhen holiday time comes, consumers get giddy like little school girls. To fuel the fire, has Black Friday ads from all of your favorite retail chains, most recently Best Buy. Whether it’s a 50-inch Toshiba Plasma for $1,699 or an E-Machines PC with 15-inch LCD for $189, they’ve got all of the deals exposed to help you prepare for raiding your local best buy come the day after Thanksgiving.

For the full list of Best Buy deals, click on over to

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  • BFpro


    You need to get the facts straight before you post.

    Again, is taking credit for ads leaked to and and were the only two Blackfriday web sites to get and post the Best Buy ads first (as well as most of the other stores out there. The first black friday leak posting was Ace Hardware by BFADS.NET) just waits and copies the info after these two web sites post the information. Now they are stating they were first with the info? Right

  • Kakashi

    Doug and BFpro are both indeed idiots

  • Ross

    Thats incorrect information. That's last years information…..

  • Yost

    Ross, the date on the article IS last year's information. So it is correct information.

  • sean percival

    Crazy how these things are getting leaked earlier and earlier each year.

  • Kevin

    Yeah seriously. That Sears ad just came out this week. That's a whole month before black friday!

  • Andrew

    I'm super excited about the XBOX 360 Deal from Dell:
    The System plus 7 games (including Rock Band 2) for $199?! That's nuts. I can't wait.

    I also found the ad for Sam's Club:
    I don't know if you have one in your area. They are like Costco and have some good deals this year.

  • Andrew

    Update on 2008 Black Friday Ads. Walmart will have the cheapest 50" Plasma TV at $798

  • David Simamora

    Are you sure about the Plasma TV ?? I see the price is $825…


    <a href="VidRicSimamora.com"></a&#62;

  • Doug Berger

    Looks like the 798 price is accurate:

  • Black Friday Shopper

    I can't believe everyone standed in line this year at Walmart for the 50" Plasma for $798. Best Buy had the same TV for $798 that you could have bought online Wednesday. It just wasn't advertised very well. Oh well, better luck next year.

  • greenapple .

    Best Buy’s Black Friday ad leaked is very great.