Gadgetell Review: Dell 2407WFP computer monitor

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Product: Dell 2407WFP
Price: $799 (full price)
Rating: 8.75/10 (Very Good)
Pros: Tons of features and connectors. Great resolution for enhanced productivity.
Cons: Wobbily because of massive size. Monitor is difficult to swivel to portrait position.
Overall: The 2407WFP provides enough real estate to get a lot of work done simultaneously. Multi-tasking has never been so easy.

Dell 2407WFP

Design – 8.0 – The 2407WFP is a beast of a monitor measuring in at 22.04 inches wide by 15.27 inches tall, and weighing just over 14 pounds. Lucky for you, it doesn’t take up much real estate on your desk due to a great stand design. The casing of the monitor looks great and will go well with any gaming rig or even just a laptop. When I don’t have a review unit on my desk, I typically have a 19″ flat panel and my 15″ laptop sitting next to eachother and use Window’s built in “Extend my Desktop” feature. However when I was using the 2407WFP, it simply wasn’t necessary to have a second monitor sitting next to it – being 1920 x 1200 and all. I could have two browser windows open, side-by-side, with no issues at all. Having that much on-screen real estate may sound a little obsurd, but once you’ve got it, you always want more.

One of the small quirks that I had with the monitor was with its ability to swivel. Even when I had it elevated the highest it could go, the edge of the monitor hit my desk when I tried to make it swivel to vertical. If you’ve never seen a monitor swivel like this, what it is essentially doing is making it look like a portrait piece of paper instead of landscape. With a widescreen like the 2407WFP, I would imagine it is tough to engineer a swivel that works well with it’s 22 inch width. Other than that, the monitor’s design was flawless.

Features – 9.0 – If you’re into having every type of input imaginable on your computer monitor, then you’re going to love to hear this. Not only does it have a standard analog VGA input, but it has DVI-D, S-Video, Composite video, and Component video connectors. So pretty much all you’re missing is HDMI and you’d have yourself an HDTV. They’ve also got an 12-volt audio jack built-in just in case you want to get the Dell Sound Bar speaker addon.

In addition to all of those video goodies, it has 4 USB ports and a 9-in-2 Media Card Reader built into the side of the monitor for easy access. The 2407 isn’t skimpy on color support either – it displays about 16.7 Million of them – one hell of a Crayola box.

Performance – 9.0 – The Dell 2407WFP monitor performed like a true champ. The 1920 pixel wide screen is plenty enough to be productive at anything… blogging, gaming, number-crunching, web designing, word processing, etc. As I mentioned, I fit 2 browser windows next to eachother without even affecting the layout of websites. The colors are crisp and clear, and no matter what I was viewing, there were no issues. The 1000:1 contrast ratio was also great to see. Sometimes on LCD monitors, lighter colors (like the left sidebar on Gadgetell) could get washed out when the factory settings are too high – but not on the 2407. The monitor is also a quicky, measuring in with a 16 ms typical (black to white), and a 6 ms typical (gray to gray) response time.

Overall – My experience with the 2407WFP was a positive one. The screen was a little wobbily due to the sheer size of the unit, but as long as you have a sturdy desk, you shouldn’t have to worry about that. The monitor is definately on my A list and highly recommended.

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