First 2.0 megapixel Nextel camera phone, the Motorola i880

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Nextel Motorola i880 idenThe i880 by Motorola is an all-in-one phone, essentially the first of it’s kind for the Sprint Nextel network. With the 2.0 megapixel camera/camcorder, picture resolution is sharp enough for quality 5×7 prints, as well as video playback with sound. The i880 also features an integrated music player supporting MP3s, other audio files and podcasts through the stereo dual-ported speakers. There is an included 64 MB microSD upgradeable memory card for storage.

Some of the other features include pre-installed and downloadable Java applications, GPS capabilities, an Internet microbrowser, custom ring tone ID and picture caller ID, a 262K internal color screen, voice dialing, voice recorder, speakerphone, datebook and 600- entry contacts list. In addition, the i880 by Motorola contains AgION antimicrobial coating to help protect the phone’s painted surfaces from damaging bacteria.

In addition to Nextel’s Nationwide Walkie-Talkie and International Walkie- Talkie services that allow instant coast-to-coast and
country-to-country communication at the touch of a button, the i880 offers other unique walkie-talkie options:

  • Group Connect service enables group walkie-talkie conversations with up to 21 participants nationwide, and the groups can be directly set up on the handset within seconds.
  • Direct Talk service allows short-range walkie-talkie communications in areas without network coverage, depending on specific conditions such as terrain.
  • Direct Send allows users to send contact information and pictures to another Direct Send-capable phone simply by pushing the walkie-talkie button.

The i880 by Motorola is available through all Sprint and Nextel at a price of $499.99 or $299.99 with $50 rebate and a two-year service agreement.

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