Fox to put Movies, TV shows on iTunes Store?

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Fox logoReports are saying that Apple and Fox are in talks to add Fox TV shows (and possibly movies) to the iTunes Store. To date, Fox is one of the only studios to hold off on putting their content on the popular download service. I’m thinking they held off for a bit to see if they could provide their own content through MySpace (also owned by News Corp. Although they have set up a Fox page on MySpace, the setup still doesn’t compare to that of iTunes. If MySpace / Fox came out with a software package that uploads the content to iPods and such, THEN they would have a chance at going at this alone.

Currently, Apple’s iTunes Store only sells movies produced by Disney. They’re obviously still in talks with the other major players in the industry, but MacRumors is saying they may wait until after the holidays so holiday DVD sales are not affected.

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