Walkman inventor retires after nearly 6 decades with Sony

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Sony Walkman DeveloperThe Sony Walkman was the killer device that started the portable music revolution. I’m not saying it was the first, but it was definately the best. Such a device would not even exist without the enginnering minds behind it. The mind behind the original Walkman, Nobutoshi Kihara, has decided to retire from Sony after nearly 60 years with the company. I’m sure it’s painful to leave the company that you made billions for, but I’m willing to bet his retirement plan is out of this world.

Yahoo News: Nicknamed “a treasure of Sony,” Kihara played a key role in developing the technology that resulted in the world’s first commercially successful transistor radio in the 1950s.

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  • Jon Zencovich

    He was a great engineer, no doubt about it. And in the distressing times Sony is going though, they need more people like Mr. Kihara. He will truly be missed!

    –Jon Z |