A green portable power machine

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pedal_generator.jpgNamed the Mk III Human Power Generator, this machine is green in more ways than one. First, well, it’s painted green. Second, it can be pedaled or hand-cranked to recharge 12 volt batteries or power 120 volt electronics or appliances. Yep, it’s fuel free, using your calories to generate electricity. It’s made of steel with rubber “feet” and a vibration isolation generator. An additional Portable Power pack includes a storage battery, 300 watt inverter, LED voltage readout and a 120 volt outlet. They didn’t indicate how long it would take to generate a full charge, but emphasized that the unit is best used for back-up and emergency uses, and not as a continuous power source.

The Mk III with Portable Power Pack retails for $850, or you can get the Mk III alone for $497. A set of extra pedals will cost you $25. Hey, didn’t the Professor on Gilligan’s Island already make one of these? My mistake, that one was completely different – it was in black and white.

Order [WindstreamPower]

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  • robo

    this looks like a paddle for the cycle

  • vikas

    The green colour is the god one

  • vikas

    Do we have to operate it manuallty

  • nikos

    i am Nikos from greece and i would like to bye thiw machine but i dont know how..

    thank you

  • cmb001

    very cool ,,,,,, support you…