PCMag’s 2006 Holiday Do Not Buy list

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blu_ray_not.jpgFor those of us tired of Top Ten and Holiday Gift lists, here’s an anti-gift list you might enjoy. PCMag’s editors have compiled a list of product types they feel you should avoid giving (or getting) as gifts. The Do Not Buy list includes:

  • Blu-ray or HD-DVD player (sorry Sony/Toshiba)
  • TVs or monitors that can’t handle HDTV (duh)
  • Laptops without optical storage
  • Draft-n wireless (but they like Powerline?)
  • 100GB hard drives
  • Microsoft Vista (at least as a preorder)
  • Wireless digital cameras

… and then tricked us by including a few suggestions which are, naturally, near opposites of items on the Do Not Buy list. Guess you can’t risk pissing off every potential advertiser.

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