Hackers: Should they be jailed or rewarded?

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Cyber crime

US government computers are supposed to be the most secure in the world, but a Romanian hacker proved just the opposite.

A Romanian national was indicted on charges of hacking into more than 150 U.S. government computers, causing disruptions that cost NASA, the Energy Department and the Navy nearly $1.5 million.

While we know hacking is a criminal act, I would like to raise one question: Should hackers be jailed or rewarded? I ask this because computer security consultants employed by big corporations developing security solutions can never match hackers’ intuitive skills. If not for the hackers, no one would be able to prove that the solutions offered by these money-sucking companies actually have many loopholes.

I am proposing that hackers be sentenced to minimal jail terms as a deterrent, but put them behind a high-tech bar and let them hack more supposedly secure government computers in a controlled environment, and then pay them handsomely when they break through the security. The money can come from the government itself or a system where security solutions providers subsidize the cost for their own blunders.

What do you say folks?

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  • UsernameDenied

    amazing nice hackers:P

  • Teo

    if they are good It masters they should be used at least to recover their debts, and i think for more than 1.5 mil $, he has to work a lot.
    Maybe also the scientiffic medium from Romania is not offering him nothing to develop his creative potential and he have said: "… The h… why not break in a nassa or other superguarded computer and demonstrate my potential…."
    Sometimes when you have to publish your work , you have to make a diversion to make people understand that you are able too do something beter for this world.

  • hamed

    F**K all this crime shit HACKERS should be rewarded man.
    Look at them they're so clever….